Furniture that will withstand the passage of time and changing trends.


At SILLAS MENORCA, we are the manufacturers of the genuine Menorcan Chair, also known as the Director’s Chair, which origins go back to the 1920s, when it was first manufactured in Menorca on a local level

We have been selling our chairs out of Menorca for many years, and we have improved on both the design and functionality, in compliance with the quality standards required by European regulations.

Additionally, we have expanded our line of furniture catalogue with chairs for children, rockers, stools and tables.

The result: simply delightful furniture.


We have included improvements to the original design so as to achieve a more easily folding chair, built with the very best beech wood, and that allows for simple substitution of the fabric on the seat and back, extending the life of the chair.


Designed under the premise of being environmentally-friendly, we have reduced the use of fixings and materials like aluminum, hence creating less waste. To offer maximum durability and strength in our products, the wood is treated with water-based varnish, which is more ecological and hence better for the environment. We have achieved furniture that is both durable and ecological.


Our furniture is perfectly suitable for the outdoors (terraces, balconies, gardens, etc.). Thanks to the varnishing treatments we apply, the wood receives total protection and keeps its shine for much longer.


For their perfect integration in any corner, our furniture is available in different wood tones: natural, honey, brandy, wenge, black and white. We also offer the option to choose from a variety of colors for the fabric, which can be easily changed depending on the season or for a specific event. With Sillas Menorca you essentially design your own chair down to the last detail. You can even order extra sets of fabric to change them whenever you so desire.

There are so many combinations, you're sure to find the one you love.