Internationally known as the Menorcan Chair or Director’s Chair, it is based on a design first created in Menorca in the early 20th century by a resident of Ciutadella, Miguel Ángel Anglada Alzina, in approximately 1920.

At Sillas Menorca, we have included improvements to the original design so as to achieve a more easily folding chair, built with the very best beech wood that is protected against severe weather conditions thanks to varnishing treatments we apply. This provides the wood with total protection and keeping its shine for much longer, also allowing for the simple substitution of the fabric on the seat and back, extending the life of the chair in accordance with the quality standards required by European regulations.

Our chairs can be fully customized to enjoy any combination of wood tones, canvases or screen (plastic mesh) fabrics, and we even offer xerography, to further personalize them to your exact taste.